Category - Cataracts

What are Cataracts? Is cataract surgery safe? What are cataract surgery complications? When should I have cataract surgery?

Lens Implants

Lens Implant Let’s discuss the different types of lenses available for implantation at the time of cataract surgery.    Ok so let’s assume the only...

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Cataract Symptoms

What are the symptoms of a Cataract? Cataracts get to a point when even glasses can not correct it. Imagine light coming through a clear piece of glass. It will shine...

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What is a Cataract?

What is a Cataract? A Cataract is a color change of your natural lens, it starts out clear then becomes yellowish brown. Cataracts are the leading cause of REVERSIBLE...

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Cataract Surgery FAQs Cataract FAQ’s  “It’s all minor surgery unless it’s on me, then it’s all major surgery.” J. Stanford Shelby, M.D.  Pioneering Cardiovascular...

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