How does the Eye See?

when you See Better, you Live Better
The eye focuses light from outside onto your retina allowing you to see

How the eye focuses light

To understand Cataracts and Cataract surgery, you must first have a basic understanding of how the eye works.  The human eye is a fantastically intricate organ that does some truly amazing things providing you with the vast majority of the sensory input from the world around you.  We could spend thousands of pages discussing the inner workings but we will keep it VERY simple so you can have a comfortable grasp of how YOUR eye works.

Let’s first go over some very simple anatomy so I don’t lose you during our conversation.  There are 3 main parts that we will discuss:

  • CORNEA – This is the front CLEAR part of your eye that is shaped like a dome, it is directly in FRONT of your iris (the colored part of your eye).  The Cornea has MOST of the focusing power of your eye.  When light comes in through your cornea, most of it is focused onto your LENS
  • LENS – Your lens sits directly behind your iris and focuses light from your Cornea all the way down to your Retina.  Your lens is what eventually turns into a CATARACT
  • RETINA – This is the thin film that covers the back of your eye where light coming through your Cornea and Lens finally focuses.  Your retina is comprised of millions of neurons (nerve cells) that, when excited by light, send a signal to your brain which is then converted into a picture.  
The sharper the light is focused onto the retina, the better you see.
The goal of the eye is to focus light coming in from outside through the cornea then onto the lens and finally onto the retina.

The ENTIRE purpose of your eye, is to focus LIGHT as a sharp point onto your Retina, just like how a camera focuses light onto film.  The sharper the focus, the better the image, the better you see.


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